Can we alter warehouse size in snowflake from dbt?


Can we actually alter warehouse size in snowflake from dbt based on the table count(‘XSMALL’, ‘LARGE’, etc…) ?. If yes then should I make changes in dbt_project.yml or need to write a macro code.

Thanks in advance.

You can change which warehouse size you use, see this package for an example: GitHub - Montreal-Analytics/dbt-snowflake-utils: Snowflake-specific utility macros for dbt projects.

Note sure what you mean by this though?

Hi @joellabes, I don’t want to use snowflake_utils library for altering warehouse size. Is there any alternative to it other than snowflake_utils library!!!?

Why not? dbt packages don’t have the same dependency issues as Python libraries etc - they are just a reference to a set of normal dbt macros. See Packages | dbt Docs for more info.

You could make a copy of the macro from the package and incorporate it into your own project, or use it as inspiration for your own macro.

I don’t want to use it because of data theft reasons. The client has denied using snowflake_utils library. So I am searching for an alternate solution.

OK then the code is open source so I would recommend making a copy of it - you can independently verify its behaviour and then you will control its provenance by keeping it in your client’s project.

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