Creating and updating tables in snowflake using dbt

I am new to DBT, I have been reading DBT docs which helps me to build my understanding. I am using snowflake for my project as a warehouse. I want to know how to create or update tables in my snowflake warehouse using DBT?

Hi Ali,

I am also new to dbt , apologies as I can’t answer your question as of now.
If you have got your answer for “how to update tables using DBT”
could you please help by providing the solution here please.


I’m new as well, so others will have more concise or accurate answers, but this is the general flow.

  • First you set up your dbt project and configure your profiles.yml file with the credentials to Snowflake.
  • Next you will write sql in models files. Generally, you define sources, then layer SQL models to step through transformations.
  • Finally, to run your code on Snowflake from your command line, run dbt compile && dbt run
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100%–this is the answer. For beginners just looking to get into the flow, @claire recently released a fantastic tutorial! The tutorial project uses Bigquery, but process on Snowflake is conceptually identical.

Good luck Pooja and Ali! Feel free to post back here if you have more specific questions as you make progress :smiley: