Can we inject columns into dbt test result

The problem I’m having

I use dbt.utils and dbt.expectation for testing and they work as expected, however the --store_failures result tables contain only the relevant tested columns. For example, testing column with excepted value range, the result will store only invalid value in the column, but I cannot directly identify the records of those invalid value.
I need to be able to pass specific columns(key columns for most of the cases) to include them into the test result per table/view.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I need to track back to the failed records in the original source tables.

What I’ve already tried

I copied compiled test script and modified it to include columns i need then save as my custom test, but this mean I need to manually create all test scripts.

If there any configurations that I can pass additional columns to store when --store_failures?