Column tags in dbt docs static website


Do column tags in schema.yml file show up on the DBT documentation static website (http://localhost:8080)?
If yes, where do I see it? I can see model tags but don’t see column level tags.
Please help.

    - name: dim_branch
      description: "branch location table. This table is at the location grain."
          - name: phone_number
            description: "Phone number associated with each planner location. PII data"
            tags: ["pii"]

Thank you.

Have you tried meta instead.

I do something like this

classification: pii

This shows on docs

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Thank you @gomezn . That worked.
Do you happen to have a link or something for all meta types for DBT?

Meta can be anything you want, that is just a convention I use.

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Thank you for your help @gomezn