DBT Docs: Search/Filter by `meta`?

Is there anyway on the dbt docs front end documentation site to search or filter by meta information?

Hi all, we are playing around with the idea of using metas to tag our models and data. We are interested in using meta as opposed to tags as it allows us to use key-values pairs such as owner:david

Currently, you can search/filter by tag on dbt docs but we are keen on using meta because it is better structured.

I have tried searching dbt docs using the dbt core select statement like --select config.meta.owner:david but this doesn’t work.

Ideally meta would be a new search filter, just the way there’s one for columns and tags.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Can you show how you are defining the meta?

Hi, I add something like the below in my schema.yml file. I can see it rendered in dbt docs but as far as I can see, it is not possible to search by meta in dbt docs.

  - name: users
      owner: "david_data"
      model_maturity: in dev
      - name: some_pk
        description: '{{ doc("some_pk") }}'