Create schema with empty tables and redshift spectrum

The problem I’m having is

Ability to create empty tables and external tables (Redshift Spectrum) with dbt core

The context of why I’m trying to do this -

We are datawarehousing team that ingests data from various sources. Currently, when onboarding a new service team, we create the schema and tables for the service team manually in Redshift cluster. We want to automate this process using dbt core. However all the examples that I have seen so far have select statement when creating a table and create a table from a source. In my case there is no source. This is the first time data will be loaded to the data warehouse.

Example statements that I am running manually

create external schema ocs_ext
from data catalog
database 'orgs'
iam_role 'arn:aws:iam::xxxx:role/GlueJobTransformRole'
region 'us-east-1';
create schema dbt

CREATE TABLE "dbt"."data"(startdate  date NOT NULL,
                             enddate date NOT NULL,
                             endtime    timestamp NOT NULL,
                             starttime  timestamp NOT NULL,
                             operation  VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL,                             
                             orgmasteraccountid VARCHAR(64),
                             invokedby VARCHAR(64),
                             counters VARCHAR(65535),
                             metrics VARCHAR(65535),                             
                             parenttype VARCHAR(32),
                             targettype VARCHAR(32)