Custom Cron Schedule Not Accepting Value List Separator

The problem I’m having

I am attempting to schedule a Job to run at 1:30 UTC and every 2 hours between 10:30-22:30 UTC. The syntax, checked against, is ‘30 1,10-22/2 * * *’.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I want the build to run during operating hours and once in the evening at 9:30pm EST. I want it to run around other jobs running in different windows.

What I’ve already tried

The schedule saves correctly when the separator is removed.

Some example code or error messages

When saved, the schedule window saves as:

Custom Cron Schedule (UTC)

    This job is configured to run on a custom cron schedule.


Seeking either a workaround to get separator functionality or confirmation that dbt cloud doesn’t support the value list separator. Thank you.