dbt Cloud run in deployment only one model of job

Hi all,

I am trying to run one model in production and outside of the Job (set of models) but can’t figure out how it is possible.

I have two environments on dbt Cloud:

  • development with the target name ‘dev’ and the bigquery dataset ‘analytics_dev’
  • deployment with target name ‘default’ and bigquery dataset 'analytics

I have modified a model in the development environment and it does return the expected result by running ‘dbt run --select model_name’ on the command line. The code modification was merged to the git repo.

I would now like to deploy it in production.
This model is part of a Job that runs a set of models.

The problem is that I don’t want to run all the models in the Job. I only want to run the modified model.
Is there any way through the command line (or whatever) to run only one model from the models in the job in production?

I tried ‘dbt run --select model_name --target default’ but the target name is ignored since it is launched in the development environment.

However I know that this command would work with dbt CLI if profiles.yml is configured properly. I therefore imagine that it is somewhat also possible in dbt Cloud


Hey Yoni!

Deployment runs can only run through the scheduler, not the command line inside of the IDE.

What I normally do is have a Job called something like Adhoc Runs and edit its command when I need to do this sort of one-off refresh.

The other thing you could do is set up a job which takes advantage of deferral and the state:modified selector. Our docs mostly refer to this in a CI context, but you can use it in the same way for an adhoc production job which compares itself to your daily production run.

Defining an adhoc job is exactly what I was planning to do but it seemed a bit time-consuming each time.
I will study the second solution
Thank you for your help Joel!

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