Dbt cloud target error but not in Dbt core

Hi, i’m new in dbt .
I want to run different models with different targets at dbt cloud. I saw the command :
" dbt run --select model.sql --target dev "
This command line works in dbt core, but when I tried to do it at dbt cloud , it doesn’t run my model in the target called dev, it takes the default one.

I have tried doing dbt debug --target dev to see the connection but also got errors in dbt cloud (but no at dbt core):

“No matching handler found for rpc method None (which=debug)”

I want to work at dbt cloud because it easier for me to set jobs, so how can I fix it?


Modify the value of target in the dbt cloud environments… when you create a new env the target is set to a value equal to default… you can change it to dev
To handle multiple targets in dbt models you need to use jinja macros