Dbt cloud - test free version - limitations

Hi dears

I’m testing dbt cloud on free version ( dbt cloud developer )

May I Ask you some questions please ?

  1. can we create several project on FREE version ?
    I build my models on gcp Bigquery
    On a project WE need to fill in a BQ project + BQ dataset

  2. Commands – On dbt cloud a selected project , I would like to deploy my models to different Bigquery datasets regarding command run --target values
    Then can I play with profiles.yml to add more BQ targets (BQ project + BQ dataset) ?

  3. Jobs-- On dbt cloud , I 'm interested with ENVIRONMENTS (DEV / TEST / PROD) setup for my JOBS runs
    On env setup we can see a BQ dataset as target <== Deployment credentials
    and not the couple BQ project + BQ dataset , how is it possible please ?


Last I checked (a long time ago), we were not able to pass --target flag in dbt Cloud IDE command line. It was one of the only things that works in core that doesn’t work in Cloud IDE. But maybe they have fixed this by now?

In order to achieve this, you needed to change your target.name from the user settings.

Yes, you can certainly do this for jobs. See here:

You just want to edit your macro to evaluate the target.name variable.
If target.name = ‘prod’ then dataset1 else datatset2