dbt macro output enclosed in double quotes causes BigQuery illegal input character error

dbt macro outputs SQL enclosed with double quotes (“”), which raises an error in BigQuery: “Syntax error: Illegal input character “\342” at [2:1]”.

/* {"app": "dbt", "dbt_version": "1.3.0", "profile_name": "jaffle_shop", "target_name": "dev", "connection_name": "master"} */

  create or replace table dbt_cli.test as (


Enclosing quotes are added automatically by dbt, nothing done in the macro itself.

Environment: dbt 1.3.0 CLI (Docker image)
Update: same with dbt v1.4.4 / bigquery plugin v1.4.1

Has anyone faced such an issue before or has an idea how to control (get rid of) enclosing quotes?