DBT models on iceberg snowflake table fails

We integrated snowflake with iceberg tables (using AWS glue catalog).

i can run any query in snowflake, but somehow when i run them on dbt to build a model the query fails. it happens when i use the MAP column type.

i get this error

  002040 (42601): SQL compilation error:
  Unsupported data type 'map(VARCHAR(16777216), VARCHAR(16777216))'.
  compiled Code at target/run/dbt_snowflake_1/models/L1_iceberg/L1__client_events_iceberg.sql

i tried to update my dbt version and my dbt-snowflake version:

  • installed: 1.7.10
  • latest: 1.7.10 - Up to date!


  • snowflake: 1.7.2 - Up to date!

but still getting the same error.

  1. Any ideas why it actually fails? because snowflake successfully run those queries.
  2. how do i fix this issue?