dbt run fails during tutorial with "Database '"`DBT-TUTORIAL`"' does not exist or not authorized." error


I’m new to dbt and currently trying to follow the Fundamentals course. Unfortunately, I’m currently having some issues with setting up the dbt cloud and Snowflake. I’ve already executed steps 1 to 6 but step 7 of the tutorial currently fails for me. Whenever I try to execute the code mentioned there, I encounter the following message:

08:57:52 Opening a new connection, currently in state closed
08:57:53 Snowflake adapter: Snowflake query id: 01b2c7f9-0203-808f-0000-00024c0a60e1
08:57:53 Snowflake adapter: Snowflake error: 002003 (02000): SQL compilation error:
Database '"`DBT-TUTORIAL`"' does not exist or not authorized.
08:57:53 Timing info for model.my_new_project.customers (execute): 08:57:52.812139 => 08:57:53.800651
08:57:53 On model.my_new_project.customers: Close
08:57:54 Database Error in model customers (models/customers.sql)
  002003 (02000): SQL compilation error:
  Database '"`DBT-TUTORIAL`"' does not exist or not authorized.
  compiled Code at target/run/my_new_project/models/customers.sql
08:57:54 1 of 3 ERROR creating sql view model dbt_lbrausch.customers .................... [ERROR in 1.24s]
08:57:54 Finished running node model.my_new_project.customers

There is already a similar topic but as there were no replies, I decided to open a new topic.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

This is no longer an issue. Thanks to the great dbt support, I was able to solve this. The issue was that the official tutorial included an error that is already fixed.

Thanks again for the great support! :slight_smile:

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