DBT run shows "processing aborted due to error, incident 8576260"

Hi All,
when execute the dbt package, saw below error. but check the compiled sql, looks fine, copy and paste the compiled sql in the database, also run successfully without issue. but dbt give this error. if i rerun the dbt package , maybe it will show up again, but if i rerun multiple times, it will successfully. this sounds like a bug, anyone saw this issue before?

Hi Alex,

It is very interesting error you have reported here.

Not sure if you still experience this or have any further update or received any advise on this issue.

I have tried to understand this issue and have attached below links as a reference to this issue (hopefully they provides some extra info to help people understand similar issue like - my 2 cents)
[snowflake cloud data platform - Internal SQL error (000603 (XX000)) due to 300010:2077141494 - Stack Overflow]
[Snowflake Community]