Failed Job Execution

Hi everyone. I’m encountering some odd behavior and hoping for some assistance. I’m using the dbt cloud service.
I just finished dropping some objects from my Snowflake account, and clearing out a few deprecated files within my dbt models folder.
Within the Develop UI, I’m able to run ‘dbt run’ from the main branch - all my models are executed and there are no issues whatsoever.
As soon as I navigate back to Deploy > Run History and run the full job, I immediately get this error shown in the screenshot below. It tells me there a syntax error line1 position27 unexpected’', however it does not specify a file name.
I tried to change the order that my models were run in, but the same error persists.
I’m kind of at a loss as to why I can manually run jobs from the Develop UI, but they fail from the Run History UI.
Any insights are greatly appreciated.

It’s strange that it doesn’t tell you which file is impacted! <EOF> stands for end of file. My guess is that you have a jinja tag which is not being closed correctly and the parser is getting to the end of the file without finding the close tag. Eg maybe you have {{ my_macro() } with only one closing } or {% set something = 123 } without a %.

If you message the dbt cloud support team using the chat bubble in-app, they might be able to have a look at some logs and see if they can see exactly which file is misbehaving. If nothing else, it’d be worthwhile them knowing that there seems to be a bug where the file name isn’t being shown in the logs!

Note also that dbt will always compile your entire project before running it, even though you’ve only selected a subset of the project to build.

Thanks for much for your reply joellabes.

I did a little more sleuthing and it turns out that I had simply created a SQL file and forgot to add any code. Looks like the error was due to the empty file.

Thanks again for your help!