DBT select Big Query table from different Big Query Project

The problem I’m having

I have linked my current big query project(project1) using service account json file in profile.yml. Now I want to access another table from another big query project(project2). But I am getting “access denied” error as shown below.

What I’ve already tried

I tried same query in bigquery editor in project 1 fetching data from project2 and it’s working fine.
My understanding is: The project we linked using profile.yml is the location where our models or modified tables will be written. And for input we can use source.yml files to give sources from same project of big query.
But I want source from another project in big query(project2)

Some example code or error messages

Access Denied: Table project2-dbt-practice:dbt2_demo_bq.customers: User does not have permission to query table project2-dbt-practice:dbt2_demo_bq.customers, or perhaps it does not exist in location US.

our team received the same errors you posted. we use many cross-project tables. we found it was bigquery permissions (updated service account access) OR the projects are not in same location or region.

cross bq datasets

bq dataset locations

I hope this helps!