Test DBT Cloud (free version) over a personnal Bigquery Personnal project

Hi dears

Sorry to disturb you, I 'm very new on dbt cloud but it’s really a fantastic tool
I’m using it to create my GOLD SQL start model for Power BI Model
I configured a big query project + dataset as SQL target (project setup & credential)
That deploy perfectly all models to my BQ dataset
I have 3 questions for dbt Cloud free version

  1. Is it right , we can only configure one project on FREE version ?

  2. Then no more than one BQ (on a project) dataset as target , right ?
    Or even on free V. we can play with profiles.yml to add more BQ targets ?

  3. I 'm interested with ENVIRONMENTS (DEV / TEST / PROD) setup for my JOBS runs
    On env we can see a BQ dataset as target <== Deployment credentials
    and not BQ project + BQ dataset , how is it possible please ?