Dbt snowflake query

How to load csv file of 5lacs record into dbt so that when it loads into dbt it creates table in snowflake automatically without using seeds

Try dbt seeds

Without using seeds ??

Sorry i dint check ur question properly.
without using seeds, you wanna load csv file into snowflake through dbt?

Yes my file is of 70 MB almost 5 lacs records are their and if i use seeds then it will take alot time. I want some another method so that i can load my csv file through dbt like simple i want dbt as a elt process

You can probably write a dbt macro to run a copy into command? You’ll need to be able to host the file on a cloud provider. You’ll also need to add a create or replace table... in the macro beforehand, if you want to rebuild the table each time.

Then use dbt hooks to run that macro before/after a model or right at the start or end of a run/build.