How to insert CSV data into existing table using dbt

I am new to dbt tool, I tried to process csv file using dbt seed , but it always drop and create table and load the data. but i want load csv file data into existing table. so i follow below step, getting failed.

added below setup in schema.yml file

  • name: emp
    enabled: true
    path: “seeds/emp.csv”

created csv-to-existing.sql model

insert into {{ target_table }}
select * from {{ source(‘emp.csv’,‘emp’) }};

I am getting below error call() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘format’.

Help me how to process data.

I’m very new to ebt, however I suspect you have to create a staging-like table for the incremental data in the csv, then run a separate stg to run a union referencing the csv data that has been materialized in the underlying db. I say this because the seed capability is a specialized capability only meant for small data imports of standalone tables. I also say this because even using the db directly often requires running a union of a temp table that stages the import.

FYI: The following link talks about using a macro instead of a seed.