The problem I’m having:

I want to use a model to create a table with a sequence of person ages (from 1 to 130) with some case statements to allocate them into specific bands. Doco lead me to try using the dbt_utils.generate_series macro but I’m struggling to find an example of the correct syntax to use.

I know the following is wrong and fails, but would appreciate any guidance on a solution:

        index = 'HEAP',
        dist = 'ROUND_ROBIN',
        materialized = 'table',
WITH ages AS (
    SELECT Age_Number
    FROM {{ dbt_utils.generate_series(upper_bound=130) }}
        WHEN Age_Number < 18 THEN 'Minor'
        WHEN Age_Number > 64 THEN 'Senior'
        ELSE 'Adult'
    END AS Age_Group
FROM ages;