Deploying just one dbt model using GitLab CI/CD to Snowflake

So, I have a dbt project, which contains a number of models in the models folder, divided into mart, intermediate, and staging subfolders. I use GitLab CI/CD to deploy these models to Snowflake.

Now, I’m currently testing these models, and would like to deploy them one by one.

Is it possible to somehow set up GitLab CI/CD (or maybe the dbt project) to just run/deploy one model at a time?

GitLab CI/CD is not a dbt orchestrator. I wonder what you want to achieve by running each model as a separate stage.

For CI/CD pipeline, you need a testing environment in Snowflake. Then you run the entire CI/CD pipeline in that environment. After that, you check the output of CI/CD.

In addition, you could use the dbt_artifacts package or save dbt run_results.json file as an artifact to check and get more information about each model in the testing environment.