disconnect between fundamentals and refactoring SQL for modularity courses

The latter training tells you to follow a videos instructions for seeding customers, orders and payments, but doesn’t say anything about setting up raw/jaffle shop or raw/stripe - all topics covered in fundaments. It also doesn’t have you load “stripe/payment” - a data source not discussed in said “seeding” video.

The video in question is included as a “replacement” for setting up the data sources you did in fundamentals (that’s basically verbatim what the instructions say). It clearly doesn’t do that.

The issue with this disconnect is that I, and I suspect others, will complete fundamentals with one trial account of snowflake, and by the time they are able to proceed with the latter training, they will have to create a new trial account.

Because of this I have wasted a ton of time trying to ameliorate the disconnect you have presented me with.

The only help you can provide is to provide more complete and thoughtful training resources.