Documentation error in bigquery insert_overwrite strategy section?


I’m really not sure where to post this.

Looking at the query below found here it seems that there is a mismatch between the date format. timestamp is no matching signature for date. Basically the set partitions_to_replace should be set as date or the where date(event_timestamp) should be left as a timestamp.

I’m wondering if this is really a mistake or if I’m missing anything…?

{% set partitions_to_replace = [
  'timestamp(date_sub(current_date, interval 1 day))'
] %}

    materialized = 'incremental',
    incremental_strategy = 'insert_overwrite',
    partition_by = {'field': 'session_start', 'data_type': 'timestamp'},
    partitions = partitions_to_replace

with events as (

    select * from {{ref('events')}}

    {% if is_incremental() %}
        -- recalculate yesterday + today
        where date(event_timestamp) in ({{ partitions_to_replace | join(',') }})
    {% endif %}


... rest of model ...