Insert overwrite static partitions bug -- missing partitions

The problem I’m having

The dbt code runs, however the data held within the partitions, for the last 3 days and today in this example, is missing from the output table.

date data status
2023-09-17 missing
2023-09-16 missing
2023-09-15 missing
2023-09-14 missing
2023-09-13 present
Rest of data present

Note, I’m using dbt in the normalization feature on the tool Airbyte – docs reference.
The dbt version I’m using is

Some example code or error messages

{% set partitions_to_replace = [
  'timestamp(date_sub(current_date, interval 1 day))',
  'timestamp(date_sub(current_date, interval 2 day))',
  'timestamp(date_sub(current_date, interval 3 day))',
] %}

{{ config(
    materialized = 'incremental',
    incremental_strategy = 'insert_overwrite',
    partition_by = {
        'field': 'created_at',
        'data_type': 'timestamp',
        'granularity': 'DAY'},
    partitions = partitions_to_replace,

WITH __dbt__cte__1 AS (
        JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['id']") AS id,
        JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['amount']") AS amount,
        JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['status']") AS status,
        JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['currency']") AS currency,
        JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['created_at']") AS created_at,
        JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['modified_at']") AS modified_at,
        CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() AS _airbyte_normalized_at
    FROM project.dataset.table
    {% if is_incremental() %}
    WHERE TIMESTAMP(JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(_airbyte_data, "$['created_at']")) IN ({{ partitions_to_replace | join(',') }})
    {% endif %}

    CAST(id AS int64) AS id,
    CAST(amount AS int64) AS amount,
    CAST(status AS string) AS status,
    CAST(currency AS string) AS currency,
    CAST(modified_at AS timestamp) AS modified_at,
    CAST(created_at AS timestamp) AS created_at,
FROM __dbt__cte__1 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.