Environment Variable Job Overrides

Can’t find a way to update job override environment variables using the dbt cloud API.

I am using the dbt cloud API to trigger on demand jobs, purely because it is easier to override job steps using the API rather than editing the job in dbt cloud. I use this when testing new feature branches of our dbt setup. We have multiple dev environments, so we often need to change which dev environment the dbt is pointing at depending on who in our team is testing. Instead of having to create a new job for each environment with the particular env vars loaded, is there a way to do this using the API, or could this be added?

The update job endpoint doesnt appear to allow this, and neither can they be overwritten whilst triggering a job. This is my current code to trigger a job and override the branch, target and steps.

    content = {
        "cause": f"{process_name} triggered using API via Databricks",
        "git_branch": f"{branch}",
        "target_name_override": "prod",
        "steps_override": [
            "dbt run --profile profile_ops --select tag:ops"