programmatically extract environment variable overrides in dbt jobs

The problem I’m having

I use dbt Cloud with Snowflake and I have to migrate my dbt jobs to a set of new Snowflake warehouses. I have GLOBAL Environment Variables already setup pointing to the Snowflake warehouses so I can easily change it there. But I know some of my dbt jobs have job-specific environment variable overrides setup.
Is there a way I can easily extract all my jobs and see which have a job-specific environment variable override? I’ve looked through the REST API docs & the GET JOBs doesn’t seem to show this configuration.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

see above

What I’ve already tried

I’ve tried using the REST API endpoints for GET JOBS but it doesn’t provide the env. variable override config.

hey @joellabes can you help?

I don’t see anything in the API docs that would enable this either :frowning: it’d be worth putting a message through to the dbt Cloud support team as they’ll be able to add a feature request and keep you updated on it