Error: unknown command “init” for “dbt” and can't uninstall dbt-cloud-cli and install dbt-core instead

The problem I’m having

I am trying to uninstall dbt-cloud-cli after knowing that the
pip install dbt
installs the dbt-cloud not the dbt-core

The context of why I’m trying to do this

because whenever I try running
dbt init project-name
I got the error
Error: unknown command "init" for "dbt"
so I found someone with my case Error: unknown command "init" for "dbt"
that saying that I should uninstall dbt-cloud and install dbt-core instead

What I’ve already tried

I have tried to uninstall dbt-cloud and install dbt-core so that may solve the problem of not being able to initialize the project
I have followed what is written here Uninstall Dbt Core Guide — Restack which is running
pip uninstall dbt
but after that when I run
dbt --version
I still have
dbt Cloud CLI - 0.37.0

If anyone can help me I would be so grateful

I had the same issue. Initially a test version of Python was installed, and I had tried to install dbt using the same, and it failed to install in between throwing an error regarding inability to process certain packages.

Later, when I uninstalled the test version and installed the latest version of stable python, even before I could start installing dbt, I could see dbt cloud CLI installed. On more exploring found that there was residue during uninstallation. This can be identified by typing the below in your terminal :

where dbt

This would return path/s where it can find dbt installed. I removed the residue and retried installing dbt-core and other adapters, and voila! It worked. Hope this helps.