Error: unknown command "init" for "dbt"

Hello I am using VS Code (on Windows 10) and tried to initial a new dbt project.

I used Conda to setup virtual environment with python 3.9.18

I installed dbt and then tried to init a project.

dbt init
WARNING: version 0.34.13 of the dbt Cloud CLI is now available.
During beta, old versions are not supported - upgrade now!

Error: unknown command "init" for "dbt"
Run 'dbt --help' for usage.

Can someone please help?

It seems like you installed the dbt package (which is now the dbt cloud cli) rather than the appropriate dbt adapter package. Take a look at the documentation for installing dbt core

Note: @Peter Debelak originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.


Thank you bro, but when I follow the instruction to uninstall dbt-cloud cli using ‘pip uninstall dbt’ ( this is the only solution that I found) I still have it when I run ‘dbt --version’
I got
‘dbt Cloud CLI - 0.37.0 (4d43ac9ff06c5e5c925bac79434e0f95390d588b 2024-03-19T20:25:35Z)’

You installed the dbt cloud. I got the same problem. I uninstalled dbt by pip uninstall dbt and installed the dbt-core by pip install dbt-core.
Hope this helps.