Error with dbt_utils.generate_surrogate_key

Invoke dbt source freshness

By running build+model (up/downstream) it works perfectly fine.
But it appears a error in my deployment.

The error of Invoke dbt source freshness says:

  Invoke dbt Command
dbt source freshness
11:17:51  Running with dbt=1.7.7
11:17:53  Registered adapter: bigquery=1.7.4
11:17:53  Unable to do partial parsing because saved manifest not found. Starting full parse.
11:17:54  Encountered an error:
Compilation Error in model stg_yellow_tripdata (models/staging/stg_yellow_tripdata.sql)
  Warning: `dbt_utils.surrogate_key` has been replaced by `dbt_utils.generate_surrogate_key`. The new macro treats null values differently to empty strings. To restore the behaviour of the original macro, add a global variable in dbt_project.yml called `surrogate_key_treat_nulls_as_empty_strings` to your dbt_project.yml file with a value of True. The taxi_rides_ny.stg_yellow_tripdata model triggered this warning. 
  > in macro default__surrogate_key (macros/sql/surrogate_key.sql)
  > called by macro surrogate_key (macros/sql/surrogate_key.sql)
  > called by model stg_yellow_tripdata (models/staging/stg_yellow_tripdata.sql)

So I did what the error says and put in my dbt_project.ym this:

  surrogate_key_treat_nulls_as_empty_strings: True
  payment_type_values: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Also in my stg_yellow_tripdata.sql

    -- identifiers
    {{ dbt_utils.generate_surrogate_key(["vendorid", "tpep_pickup_datetime"]) }}
    as tripid,

Does someone know what it could be? I have no idea anymore.

I had done my things but I could resolve it.
I just delete my branch and created a new repository from my github.
It works now.