Get table with models run order

The problem I’m having

I feel that the DAG view is a little difficult to use when we have + 300 models (yes we have). Is it possible to extract a table which shows the relative run order of my models. Something like this

Run_order ModelName
1 Orders
2 Customers
2 Storage_data
3 Delivery

As you can see, two of the orders have the same numbers, which means that they run independently. But we do know that 1 has to be run first.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I know we have the DAG and all this, but I am a little old school. I like to have thinks in old school table in order to get a quick overview over how things are run.

What I’ve already tried

I am new to dbt, but I think that I first need to extract the DAG in a some graph format. But the next step is a little more difficullt