how can I pass parameters when use seed to create table and data?

The problem I’m having

I used dbt-doris to create a table and insert some data. I want to assign some values like unique_key: [“sk”] when create table. This can be done by models’ config block. But in seed, I don’t known how to do, using another schema file is invalid.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

In seeds path, there are 3 files. data.csv, data.yml, custom_schema.yml

data.yml like this

  - name: dim_x1
      schema: custom_schema
        sk: LARGEINT
        user_name: VARCHAR(100)

I want pass those parameter in custom_schema.yml to seed process

      materialized: "incremental"
      unique_key: ["sk"]
      distributed_by: ["sk"]
      buckets: "1"
      properties: {"replication_allocation":"tag.location.default:1"}

How I write custom_schema.yml file?

I use dbt 1.3.4 and dbt-doris 0.2.1.

Thanks for any suggestion!

You cannot set them to seeds those are available only to models

Hello, regarding the configuration of seed, you can currently specify simple configurations such as column types and the number of table copies. However, they are best suited to files that contain business-specific logic, for example a list of country codes or user IDs of employees. which is generally a dimension table and cannot be changed. An unique model is set up Meaningless. In addition, the seed mapped to doris should be a simple dupilcate table to participate in complex calculations instead of being mapped into a unique table for incremental processing.

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