how can I pass parameters when use seed to create table and data?

The problem I’m having

I used dbt-doris to create a table and insert some data. I want to assign some values like unique_key: [“sk”] when create table. This can be done by models’ config block. But in seed, I don’t known how to do, using another schema file is invalid.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

In seeds path, there are 3 files. data.csv, data.yml, custom_schema.yml

data.yml like this

  - name: dim_x1
      schema: custom_schema
        sk: LARGEINT
        user_name: VARCHAR(100)

I want pass those parameter in custom_schema.yml to seed process

      materialized: "incremental"
      unique_key: ["sk"]
      distributed_by: ["sk"]
      buckets: "1"
      properties: {"replication_allocation":"tag.location.default:1"}

How I write custom_schema.yml file?

I use dbt 1.3.4 and dbt-doris 0.2.1.

Thanks for any suggestion!

You cannot set them to seeds those are available only to models