How to configure external user email notifications in dbt Cloud

Current as of May 2023

Right now, in order to receive email notifications, a user must have a dbt Cloud account. However, we’ve created a workaround for sending notifications to users without dbt Cloud access. :tada: This solution requires triggering an API endpoint, so it requires some technical knowledge.

Configure dbt Cloud email notifications

To configure email notifications for external users (meaning non-dbt Cloud users), we have a few sources to help you:

Something to note, this external email still needs to be associated with an existing dbt Cloud user. This means the external email address can be different from the email address that is used to log into dbt Cloud, but there is a linkage directly to a user. If the user leaves, that email notification would no longer send.

For MS teams:

  1. You can have a mailing list-type email that can receive emails and distribute them wider (for example,
  2. Invite that user as a read-only dbt Cloud user.
  • Note: MS Teams channels can receive messages using an email forward-type system. This means you can invite the “email that forwards to an MS Teams channel” as a user into dbt Cloud and anticipate the dbt Cloud invitation emails to show up in the channel.
  1. Configure job notifications for that user.

Thanks to Sean, Ernesto, Katherine, Jeremy Yeo, Benoit, Gideon, and our Senior developers for their contributions :call_me_hand:

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