How to install third party libraries in DBT Python model (using snowpark)

I am trying to convert a python code into dbt python model .

My code is using some libraries like swifter, pynndescent etc … Per the documentation (Snowflake Snowpark for Python) I am able to get majority of the packages that I need for my code, but there are few which is needed by code and those are not supported .

I want to know

  1. how to include unsupported packages like swifter
  2. For the libraries that I am using I need to be able to specify the versions , how can I do that in the python model?
    Example - pynndescent==0.5.11, geopy==2.4.1, pgeocode==0.4.1, scipy==1.11.4, swifter==1.4.0

Sample of my code with libraries, when I add swifter in dbt.config then I am getting the error (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘swifter’)

def model(dbt,session):
    This function is the main function to be
    called when the script is to be run

        packages = ["pandas", "numpy", "python-dateutil", "pytz", "urllib3", "requests", "typing_extensions", 
        "pynndescent", "geopy", "scipy", "typing", "pytz" ]