How to load parquet files from Azure Data Lake Gen2 to dedicated pool using dbt?

I’m using dbt-synapse: GitHub - dbt-msft/dbt-synapse: dbt adapter for Azure Synapse SQL Dedicated Pools
I want to load my parquet file from Azure Data Lake Gen2/Azure Blob Storage to the dedicated pool in Azure Synapse.
I tried to use

{{ config(materialized='table') }}
with my_table as (
        TOP 100 *
            BULK 'myparquetfile_url',
            FORMAT = 'PARQUET'
        ) AS [result]

select * from my_table

but no luck.

It shows this error

('42000', "[42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Parse error at line: 7, column: 9: Incorrect syntax near 'OPENROWSET'. (103010) (SQLExecDirectW)")

So, how can I load parquets file from blob storage to dedicated pool using dbt?