How to pull freshness status

The problem I’m having

I saw that in dbt Cloud there is an “OK, Warning, Stale” tag, and this would be ideal for me to have on my report. I was wondering, is there a way to pull this into our database?

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I am new to dbt, so still learning alot of things. I’m working on building a report to monitor all the jobs we’re building in our data warehouse. One of the issues we’re having is that we don’t have a way to easily see what sources refreshed and which didn’t, and when’s the last time they did etc.
It will be something I want to run daily in the AM so that I can re-run jobs that didn’t run. We’re having issues seeing which jobs updated and when they last did (not every job needs to be updated everyday).

What I’ve already tried

I’ve only tried searching online for answers, and checked on the communitty forum but didn’t find anything relating to this.

Screenshot of the freshness tags I was referring to