How to add alias or tag or name to source freshness check?

The problem I’m having

I have a source table orders . The table has a timestamp column timestamp1. I define the source table as shown below.

version: 2

  - name: source1
    database: source_database
    schema: source_schema
      - name: orders
            count: 3
            period: day
        loaded_at_field: timestamp1

When I run dbt source freshness --select source:source1.orders, dbt will check the data freshness in the table orders.

In the file target/sources.json, I can see a result with unique_id as source.projectname.sourename.tablename.

I want to add more specific name as the unique_id for the source freshness. For example, I want to use we-should-have-new-order.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I want to be able to convert the results in target/sources.json to a report. And on the report I want to show more meaningful name of each source data freshness check.

What I’ve already tried

(1) I tried to add alias to the freshness block, but it does not work.
(2) I tried to add tags to the freshness block, but it does not work.

Can anybody from dbt help with an answer? Thank you.