How to use DBT to generate materialized views in a target database that is different from the source database?

I am newbie in dbt. I am looking to read data from providers (TRINO which is connected to cassandra) and write all intermediates views/tables in other provider like postgres/clickhouse). Trino does not allowed to rename tables (it does not have the permission to create views also as described in the official documentation).

Is there any something I am missing.

          target: dev
              type: trino
              method: none
              user: admin
              host: trino.XX.adroot
              port: 80
              schema: demo
              catalog: cassandra
          target: dev
              type: postgres
              host: localhost
              user: postgres
              password: postgres
              port: 5432
              dbname: demo # or database instead of dbname
              schema: public
  # Name your project! Project names should contain only lowercase characters
    # and underscores. A good package name should reflect your organization's
    # name or the intended use of these models
    name: 'pmrush_elt'
    version: '1.0.0'
    config-version: 2
    # This setting configures which "profile" dbt uses for this project.
    profile: 'trino'
    # These configurations specify where dbt should look for different types of files.
    # The `model-paths` config, for example, states that models in this project can be
    # found in the "models/" directory. You probably won't need to change these!
    model-paths: ["models"]
    analysis-paths: ["analyses"]
    test-paths: ["tests"]
    seed-paths: ["seeds"]
    macro-paths: ["macros"]
    snapshot-paths: ["snapshots"]
    target-path: "target"  # directory which will store compiled SQL files
    clean-targets:         # directories to be removed by `dbt clean`
      - "target"
      - "dbt_packages"
    # Configuring models
    # Full documentation:
    # In this example config, we tell dbt to build all models in the example/
    # directory as views. These settings can be overridden in the individual model
    # files using the `{{ config(...) }}` macro.
        # Config indicated by + and applies to all files under models/example/
          +materialized: table

The sources db

  version: 2
      - name: dataforseo
        catalog: cassandra
        schema: dataforseo
          - name: keyword_data
          - name: serp

The error message with Trino which explain why I want to create materialized views in antoher provider

 15:11  Found 1 model, 0 tests, 0 snapshots, 0 analyses, 316 macros, 0 operations, 0 seed files, 2 sources, 0 exposures, 0 metrics
    17:15:12  Concurrency: 1 threads (target='dev')
    17:15:12  1 of 1 START sql table model demo.stg_keyword_data ....................... [RUN]
    17:15:16  1 of 1 ERROR creating sql table model demo.stg_keyword_data .............. [ERROR in 4.87s]
    17:15:16  Finished running 1 table model in 0 hours 0 minutes and 5.11 seconds (5.11s).
    17:15:16  Completed with 1 error and 0 warnings:
    17:15:16  Database Error in model stg_keyword_data (models/staging/demo/stg_keyword_data.sql)
    17:15:16    TrinoUserError(type=USER_ERROR, name=NOT_SUPPORTED, message="This connector does not support renaming tables", query_id=20230424_171516_00019_68nw3)
    17:15:16    compiled Code at target/run/pmrush_elt/models/staging/demo/stg_keyword_data.sql
    17:15:16  Done. PASS=0 WARN=0 ERROR=1 SKIP=0 TOTAL=1