Question on using DBT with Parquet in S3 via Trino?

I am a quite n00b at DBT… have used it briefly in Postgresql via Meltano project… but there is no DBT-Trino meltano transformation plugin… which led me to ask… how am I supposed to use DBT when I move from Postgresql to Trino and S3 + Hive + parquet data ?

there’s this Trino & dbt: excellent fit for cross-database ELT and data connectors | by ZD | Towards Dev

But its a bit advanced/unclear for me how to just “get started”

dbt has an adapter (a database-specific plugin) for trino: Starburst & Trino setup | dbt Developer Hub

If Meltano doesn’t support Trino, I assume you’d need to install dbt-trino directly with the instructions above.

It may be useful for you to go through the getting started tutorial as well, to understand how dbt works: About getting started | dbt Developer Hub