Looker vs Tableau Online

Hey all, my company is in the middle of evaluating analytics/bi platforms, so I was hoping to get some feedback on what you all chose, and why. Specifically, we’re focusing on Tableau Online and Looker. I found a pretty good article that seems to match with my own evaluation of the two (https://blog.aptitive.com/power-bi-vs-looker-vs-tableau-a-ctos-guide-to-selecting-an-analytics-bi-platform-5edc519f2d12), and I’ve also read the fishtown-analytics blog posts on Looker. The questions I’m particularly interested in getting feedback from Looker users are:

  1. What are your opinions of the up-front LookML setup cost, and how easy is it to maintain?
  2. Are you happy that you pushed modeling up into your BI tool vs handling it in ETL/Data Warehouse?
  3. Are you concerned about vendor lock-in?

Thanks in advance!

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