metricflow with clickhouse adapter?

Hello, i’ll be short - does anyone know if dbt metricflow works well with dbt clikchouse adapter?

Based on what I was trying just now, it doesn’t look good. We’ve been using dbt-core 1.5 with old-style metrics against Clickhouse, and was looking at upgrading.

Uh, tnx.

Any idea if this will be available at a later date?

Turns out it’s a pretty simple fix. I have a Metricflow with Clickhouse support. The Clickhouse adapter is not “official” so I think until it is, you’d have to maintain a fork with a few changes. GitHub - kolatr-dev/metricflow at feature/support-clickhouse

Bear in mind this is just a copy-paste of the Postgres metricflow adapter so will probably break when trying to use the specific functions.


Hi Ben,

Thank you for the update; it’s very interesting. What do you think the next steps should be?

The dbt ClickHouse adapter is indeed community-based, as noted here: dbt ClickHouse Setup.

Should the developers responsible for this adapter take additional actions to better support Metric Flow, or…?

If I understood correctly, are you responsible for the core functionalities of Metric Flow itself?

In your opinion, whom should I address my questions to? My team is implementing a new DWH based on ClickHouse and dbt and would really like to exploit the new Metric Flow features. This is especially important as we plan to calculate our business metrics (Net Sales, COGS, etc.) directly in the database and use them dynamically through Superset.