multiple run_results.json and manifest.json files

The problem I’m having

I need multiple run_results.json and manifest.json files under different directories in dbt. So, is that possible?

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I have different parallel executions of dbt commands so I need these files to be separated from each other in order to avoid data loss/overlapping.

I think we cannot have multiple json artifacts files in dbt. I got the idea from following

@adilrehman you could set a different target-path on each run, e.g. taking including the current timestamp in your command: dbt --target-path 1680136368 run (that’s the current unix timestamp, you could do whatever you wanted)

Alternatively, if you’re using dbt Cloud, you can use the API to access each individual step’s artifacts using the step parameter.

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Thank you @joellabes
This works for me!

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