New Package: dbt-date

I’ve been collecting simple date helper functions in a package for clients, and have now broken them out into their own package, dbt-date, which you can find here:

The current release is 0.1.3. The README has, hopefully, enough information to get started, but please let me know if you have any questions! PRs with fixes and new date-related macros are always welcome!

(Note; If you’re currently using any of the date macros from dbt-extend, they now, as of dbt-extend 0.2.4, point to their equivalent versions in dbt-date. I will deprecate them at some point in the future; for now they log deprecation warnings to the dbt logs, but not the terminal.)


Great work on this @claus !

Were you planning on adding fiscal year dimensions? I’d be happy to contribute and add this to the package otherwise. :grinning:

Thanks @MartinGuindon! That’s a good point. I’ll probably roll some of the code from this blog into a reusable macro.

Would love any PRs you want to add for date-specific features!