Datediff - dict object errors - dbt upgrades

Recently, upgraded my dbt to v1.3 and facing some issues with a few macros but a new compilation error keeps coming for datediff or datespine , which is not working out

Error message:

09:29:41  Compilation Error in model android_track_sessionized
09:29:41    'dict object' has no attribute 'datediff'. This can happen when calling a macro that does not exist. Check for typos and/or install package dependencies with "dbt deps".

– Same error shows up for datespine too, when changed

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I’m trying to fix this so that my sessionization code works out
Source: segment/segment_web_page_views__sessionized.sql at main · dbt-labs/segment · GitHub

My packages look like this :
- package: dbt-labs/dbt_utils
version: “1.0.0”

What I’ve already tried

Tested a few new macros like datespine, but the same error shows up. Also the macro does exist in dbt-utils too - so not sure what’s causing it.

Code part that causes errors: -

diffed AS (
    --calculates `period_of_inactivity`.
        {{ dbt_utils.datediff(
        ) }} AS period_of_inactivity

Would appreciate any directional help here, curious if I should upgrade to v1.4 dbt or add a new macro definition

Found the answer

just change

dbt_utils → dbt


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Thanks for coming back and posting your solution! This is because we moved a lot of cross-database macros out of dbt utils and into dbt Core for implementation by the database adapters.

You might want to check out Upgrading to dbt utils v1.0 | dbt Developer Hub to check if there are any other things you should review

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