node named ‘my_python_model’ was not found

This is the model structure:


Python model defination:

def model(dbt, sesion):

# these are DAG-aware, and return dataframes
dim_all_learners = dbt.ref("cq_temperature")
# source_thinkific_users = dbt.source("year", "temp")

philly_sample = dim_all_learners

import numpy as np
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression
# your final 'select' statement
df ="*")

return df


Then it’s running into error:

Server error: RPC server failed to compile project, call the “status” method for compile status: Compilation Error in model demo (models/demo/demo.sql)
Model ‘model.my_new_project.demo’ (models/demo/demo.sql) depends on a node named ‘my_python_model’ which was not found

So, how can I define and refer to a python model? I followed the document and failed. THanks !

@zmoxie are you using dbt Core v1.3? If not, then dbt doesn’t know about python models and will ignore your file when evaluating refs.

Thanks @joellabes . It’s working well.

I am new to dbt and got a confusion on the env setting. I configed the dbt core1.3 for the wrong env.

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