NotImplementedError when running dbt version check on installing dbt-bigquery

I am trying to install dbt bigquery in my Windows system by running the following pip commands -

pip install dbt-bigquery

Installation has finished successfully but when I run the dbt --version command here is the error I am getting

Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 198, in run_module_as_main File “”, line 88, in run_code File "C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Scripts\", line 4, in File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\dbt\”, line 2, in from dbt.logger import log_cache_events, log_manager File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\dbt\”, line 16, in from dbt.dataclass_schema import dbtClassMixin File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\dbt\”, line 15, in from mashumaro import DataClassDictMixin File "C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\", line 4, in from mashumaro.serializer.json import DataClassJSONMixin File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\serializer\”, line 28, in class DataClassJSONMixin(DataClassDictMixin): File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\serializer\base\”, line 16, in init_subclass builder.add_from_dict() File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\serializer\base\”, line 270, in add_from_dict pre_deserialize = self.get_declared_hook(PRE_DESERIALIZE) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\serializer\base\”, line 255, in get_declared_hook if not is_dataclass_dict_mixin(cls): ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\meta\”, line 247, in is_dataclass_dict_mixin return type_name(t) == DataClassDictMixinPath ^^^^^^^^^^^^ File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\meta\”, line 93, in type_name elif is_generic(t) and not is_type_origin: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File “C:\Users\1354750\Documents\code\env\Lib\site-packages\mashumaro\meta\”, line 161, in is_generic raise NotImplementedError NotImplementedError

Prior to the dbt command, I am running this in a Python virtual environment in the ‘code’ folder using the following commands.

python -m venv env

Can someone help me what the error is pointing at?

I had an incompatible Python version installed in the system (3.11.x) which was causing the error. Reference - What version of Python can I use?. The issue is now resolved.

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