Package duplication bug when running dbt deps

I’m having an issue when running dbt deps to install the packages we have set up in our packages.yml file. I end up seeing some packages and macros within those packages installed multiple times under a file name following the format [macro name/package name] 2. For example, I have a dbt_utils folder that contains everything I expect it to, and then a dbt_utils 2 folder that is empty. This causes an error when I try and do dbt run along the lines of :

no dbt_project.yml found at expected path .../dbt_packages/dbt_utils 2/dbt_project.yml

dbt_utils is the only package being duplicated, but macros within almost all other packages are being duplicated too.
I am using dbt version 1.3.0 and bigquery 1.3.0. Any thoughts on what might be happening? Thanks!



  • package: dbt-labs/dbt_utils
    version: 0.9.0

  • package: dbt-labs/codegen
    version: 0.9.0 # dependent on dbt_utils

  • package: dbt-labs/audit_helper
    version: 0.6.0 # dependent on dbt_utils

  • package: dbt-labs/dbt_project_evaluator
    version: 0.2.1 # dependent on dbt_utils

  • package: calogica/dbt_expectations
    version: 0.8.0 # dependent on dbt_date

  • package: calogica/dbt_date
    version: 0.7.0 # no package dependencies