Version error for package dbt-labs/dbt_utils


When running dbt deps, dbt-labs/dbt_utils would successfully install in our cloud job, the last time this successfully ran was on Thursday.

23:08:22 Installing dbt-labs/dbt_utils
23:08:22 Installed from version 0.8.6

When trying to run this again yesterday with no code changes, I received the below error on the dbt deps step:

Version error for package dbt-labs/dbt_utils: Could not find a satisfactory version from options: [‘>=0.9.0’, ‘<0.10.0’, ‘>=0.8.0’, ‘<0.9.0’]

Locally I have tried to add the below to my packages.yml file (one at a time) but still receive the same error when I run dbt deps:

  • package: dbt-labs/dbt_utils
    version: 0.7.1

  • package: dbt-labs/dbt_utils
    version: 0.8.6

Version error for package dbt-labs/dbt_utils: Could not find a satisfactory version from options: [‘=0.8.6’, ‘>=0.9.0’, ‘<0.10.0’]

Some assistance here would be greatly appreciated, please let me know if further information is required.

Kind regards,

Hi Kayne,

Can you post the full contents of your packages.yml file inside of a code block?

It looks like you have multiple packages installed, each of which is trying to install a different version of dbt utils. By seeing which packages you have installed, we can work out what combination is causing the issue.

Hi joellabes

Thank you, please see below:

  - package: Datavault-UK/dbtvault
    version: ['>=0.8.3']
  - package: Snowflake-Labs/dbt_constraints
    version: ['>=0.4.0']
  - package: calogica/dbt_expectations
    version: ['>=0.5.0', '<0.6.0']

Because your first two packages don’t have upper bound limits, you will get the latest releases for all versions of the package, even those that may contain breaking changes.

In your case, it looks like dbtvault had a release a couple of days ago which raised the version of dbt utils required: Release Version 0.9.1 · Datavault-UK/dbtvault · GitHub

You could solve this by setting an upper bound for your dbt vault installation, or by installing the latest version of dbt expectations which no longer depends on dbt utils at all.

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Thanks very much, all sorted now. Thanks for the prompt response.


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