Postgres 'materialized_view' not found for adapter postgres

I was trying to use ‘materialized_view’ for a SQL model but I get this error message. I used the implementation from Postgres configurations | dbt Developer Hub

materialized = ‘materialized_view’,
on_configuration_change = ‘apply’,

But I get this error when doing “dbt run”:

No materialization ‘materialized_view’ was found for adapter postgres! (searched types ‘default’ and ‘postgres’)

I also just updated dbt-core and dbt-postgres:


  • installed: 1.5.2
  • latest: 1.5.2 - Up to date!


  • postgres: 1.5.2 - Up to date!

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I’m guessing the documentation may have jumped the gun on that. Materialized view support was merged in quite recently, and is in the 1.6 series.