python models with postgresql warehouse

Can I have python models with a postgresql warehouse and dbt cli?

You can build dbt python models with the dbt labs adapters or with dbt-fal (check #tools-fal)The dbt labs adapters which support python models are currently:

  • snowflake
  • bigquery
  • databricks

check this link to get an overview of them Python models | dbt Developer Hub If you use dbt-fal you can build python models with any adapter

  • dbt-fal runs locally, that is why you can use any adapter
  • There was a recent release of fal-serverless, which runs in the cloud, I have not tried it yet, so I am not sure how it works. But you can ask on #tools-fal

check out dbt-fal here Announcing dbt-fal adapter You can also check my article for how to build dbt python models for beginners
4 ways to build dbt Python models


With the official adapters no, with dbt-fal yes