How to manage DBT and Iceberg

I have a deployment of Trino with 10 different connections, a Nessie Server up and running and an Iceberg Connector that’s connected to my Trino deployment. My problem is making a materialization using Trino+Iceberg+dbt.

What I was thinking of:
Creating Iceberg tables that include data from different connections in dbt. (If that’s even possible)
Creating my original tables as Iceberg tables and then Transform the iceberg tables using dbt and connecting to the schema of Iceberg.
Any other solution anyone might have.
I know dbt isn’t an ETL tool but with Iceberg I might be able to achieve my goal.

Why I am trying to this is because I want to create “Golden Tables” using OTF(Iceberg) since I can not perform transformations on some of my Trino connections.